What Clients Say

"Ross has our Trust, he has Integrity and above all he has a Winning Way, a great partnership over many, many years."
- Jackie and Tony, clients since 1997

"Throughout the many years I have been with Ross, he has evolved into a first rate financial adviser. Ross is a man who believes in what he preaches, as his personal portfolio mirrors his clients. Ross is very detail oriented as is shown by the letters and comments he sends to us on a regular basis. Ross is also a great asset to have when I need to receive some confidence in the direction of the market, particularly when the swings are large and going down. I consider Ross a friend and an advisor who has my financial retirement interest at heart."
- Carolyn and Jens, clients since 1998

"My experience as a client of Ross Birney spans more than 15 years, during which time he has ensured my investments have exhibited a healthy growth, even in "not so healthy" times. His easy, reassuring manner belies a wealth of knowledge which, when brought to the table, results in advice that has proven consistently to be insightful, carefully considered and most importantly, profitable."
- Bruce, a client since 1993

"I trust Ross. He makes my life easier and better. It's like talking to a friend, not a banker. I feel that I can talk to him about anything, investing affects many areas of a person's life. He makes money consistently and helps me keep my perspective, which is important. He is a warm, knowledgeable and genuinely caring person with a wonderful sense of humour."
- Sharon, a client since 1997

"We have always found his advice to be sound and within the goals we were trying to achieve, for both us and other family members. We have and would again recommend his services to any of our acquaintances or friends in need of good, sound financial advice."
- Karen and Alan, clients since 1998

"Ross is not "an absent" financial advisor. When you become his client he takes an active interest in your financial as well as your personal well-being. Through the bear and bull markets Ross keeps a close eye on my portfolio. I am able to invest with confidence because Ross is my financial advisor."
- Barbara, a client since 1998