Our Ideal Client

Each new client we accept will take some amount of time away from current clients. We need to ensure that we are able to continue to devote the time necessary to oversee each client's life savings. As such, we are very selective in qualifying new clients. While we provide a wide range of services to many individuals and their families, we are able to help some more than others. Our goal is to ensure the greatest satisfaction and the most positive outcome for each client.

The prospective client we can help the most:

  • Has a sense of humour
  • Recognizes that financial management requires professional expertise
  • Understands there is more to life than just making money
  • Is open-minded and willing to accept guidance
  • Is active in their community
  • Has a sense of humour
  • Recognizes the advantages of dealing with independent, unbiased professionals
  • Has a need for estate planning and insurance protection in addition to investments
  • Will question our recommendations if they are not readily understood
  • Is able to make decisions and take action
  • Is focused on long-term conservative growth, not a "day trader"
  • Is willing to introduce us to friends, family or colleagues once we have earned their trust
  • Has at least $500,000 in investment assets (RRSP or open investments)
  • Has a sense of humour

If this sounds like you, give us a call to arrange a preliminary meeting.