Ross M. Birney, CPA, CA

There is much more to wealth management than simply achieving a superior rate of return on your investment portfolio. Frankly, that can be the easy part. Retaining your wealth, in the face of efforts by the Canada Revenue Agency and our government to take it from you, is the real challenge facing many Canadian families today.

I was taught to seek "quality" in my life so that I would get more enjoyment from the good times and be better prepared to endure the "not so good" times. I follow that advice. My watch is a Rolex, my car is a Volvo and my bike is a Harley. When it comes to your investments, and the investment advice you receive, "quality" is a very important factor.

Receiving professional financial advice presented in an unbiased manner will help you accumulate wealth faster, retain it longer and pay less tax. Many wealthy Canadian families recognize the value of a professional, independent financial advisor. My clients are very good at making money; they simply don't have the time, training or inclination to manage it efficiently.

As both a Chartered Accountant and a professional financial advisor, I work with a select group of business owners, executives, professionals and high net worth families who now enjoy financial "peace of mind" through a structured approach to accumulating, retaining and enjoying their wealth.

I welcome you to browse through my site, learn more about my business and contact me at your convenience.

Ross M. Birney, CPA, CA

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble; it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so." - Mark Twain